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Institute for Clinical Investigation

At a glance

The Institute for Clinical Investigation (I.C.I) provides a wide range of services in the field of Health Sciences and Clinical Research.

Specifically, I.C.I undertakes the full organization and implementation of:
• Bioequivalence studies
• Pre-Clinical Trials
• Clinical Trials (phases I - IV)
• Non-Interventional studies
• Biowaiver Expert Reports
• Environmental studies
• Studies of Veterinary medicines (residues, etc.)
• Education and Training
• Medical Writing and Expert Reports
• Pass study

Why us

• Operational efficiency
• Absolute control of all the procedures during a clinical trial
• Opportunity for the Sponsor of spectating the clinical trial during any phase
• Upon the completion of any clinical trial, a long-term follow up is offered
• Approved SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for conducting clinical trials from the audit Austrian firm «Sophida»
• Strong experience and Know-how regarding the clinical research and bio-analysis. If you are not convinced yet, check out Our Team
• The hospitalization of the volunteers during bioequivalence trials will be held in the Military Hospital of the Greek Army, by decision of Φ.900/2/186291

Acting as a Contract Research Organization (CRO) on behalf of the Biopharma Industry, Academic Centers, Investigators and other Public or Private Bodies, it offers services at any stage of development for marketing authorization of pharmaceutical products.

I.C.I., as a member of the Bionian Cluster, has established collaborations with globally renowned Universities, Research Institutes, state Institutions and Hospitals, a fact that enhances its presence on the international environment of CRO-companies.

The Institute for Clinical Investigation, modeled according to the General Clinical Research Centers in the USA and Europe, operates strictly according to the ICH- GCPs and the current legislation, regulations and guidelines οf the International and National organizations (FDA, MHRA, EMA, EOF). The multidisciplinary and highly skilled personnel of I.C.I. has been endowed with an extensive range of academic titles and qualifications, as well as a broad experience in bioequivalence, pre-clinical and clinical research.

Tailor made seminars on biomedical topics, as well as training on research or laboratory methods or equipment for pharmaceutical industry's personnel, clinical trial's personnel, nurses and healthcare professionals.

Training in ICH-GCPs or other relevant legislation for newly appointed pharmaceutical companies’ employees, R & D departments and for independent health professionals, wishing to participate in medical research.

Latest News

16/3/2015 - New job opening at the Institute for Clinical Investigation

9/3/2015 - Η I.C.I (Institute for Clinical Investigation) συμμετείχε ως χορηγός Κλινικής Έρευνας στα φαρμακευτικά βραβεία "Prix Galien Greece". Αναλυτικά η εκδήλωση εδώ: http://www.sofokleousin.gr/archives/218467.html

25-28/11/2014 - Participation in Pharmtech 2014 Exhibition, Pavillion No. 75, Hall A, Stand A156


Institute for Clinical Investigation

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