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Veterinary Drugs Studies

The Institute for Clinical Investigation (I.C.I) provides a wide range of services in the field of Veterinary Clinical Trials. More specifically, in collaboration with the Laboratory of Animal Husbandry - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Institute for Clinical Trials undertakes the full organization and implementation of bioequivalence studies for veterinary drugs in any animal species, including the full dossier for submission to the Authorities for Marketing Authorization. Additionally, the Veterinary Drugs Dpt. implements the following:

• Residue studies to estimate the maximum withdrawal period in animal tissues.
• License issue for animal sacrifice before releasing the tissues to the consumption chain.
• Environmental studies for detecting veterinary pharma-substances, potentially harmful to humans, in soil, subsoil and aquifer

I.C.I. has the resources and the manpower to perform any study involving either farm animals or laboratory animals.

The Members of the Laboratory as well as our collaborating partners have considerable experience and relative expertise in undertaking such studies. Regarding the facilities and the animal species, I.C.I. collaborates with the “Veterinary Faculty, Laboratory of Animal Husbandry” headed by the Assoc. Professor G. Arsenos. The above operating framework is set by national legislation (Presidential Decree 56/2013, FEK 106/ 30 April 2013).

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